Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Online Tier I Public Health Courses

The Mountain West Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (MWPERLC) provides an online Basic Public Health Emergency Preparedness curriculum, available through subject-specific series. The Tier I curriculum is designed for public health personnel new to the role of public health in emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. These courses combine a traditional on-line learning modality with case studies and a student interactive.

Online Tier II Public Health Courses

In addition to Tier I courses, the MWPERLC also provides online modules for Tier II mid-level public health workers. (The Tier II target audience is defined as mid-level public health workers with 5 years experience with an MPH equivalent or higher; or 10 years experience with a high school diploma, bachelors, or non-public health graduate degree.) Based on the Public Health Preparedness & Response Core Competencies, these modules integrate experiential learning to guide the learner through scenarios requiring problem solving and application of public health principles.

Although designed for the public health workforce involved in emergency management, all MWPERLC courses are equally applicable to healthcare personnel, emergency responders, emergency managers, or anyone interested in the subject matter.